Germany FlagTeam Milltek GT-R Hockenheim Tuner GP: Weekend Diary

Team Milltek GT-R at Hockenheim: click to enlargeThe Hockenheim trip started bright and early on Thursday morning, up at 4am and over to Derby to connect the new Milltek transporter for 5am. Having to pick up a Team member on the way South meant we took the anti-clockwise M25 route and got to the tunnel as arranged. The trip through France and Germany was stunning this time of year with all the fields in full colour and the sun beating down at a steady 28-30oC and we arrived at Hockenheim without incident.

First job for Friday morning was to get fuel for the GTR, which is run exclusively on bio-ethanol E85, which is hard to come by and very expensive in the UK but is sold at some petrol stations in Germany and as luck should have it, there was one only 2 miles from the hotel which sold E85 at under £1 a litre.

Fuel acquired, we headed over to the Grand Prix race circuit and unloaded the GTR into the pit garage and set about getting it ready for the track. This involves tyres checks and swaps, tyre pressure monitoring, cleaning the car and fluid level checks. After this the digital radio communications between pit crew and car is checked, the cameras are fully charged and put in place then the car is started and warmed to check for leaks and operating temps.

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