Milltek Sport Expands Range Of Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems To Include VW Amarok 3.0 V6 TDI (204 & 224PS)
It's a of the line in build quality...nice low deep growl...I did chirp my tyres in 1st, 2nd and 3rd...

The VW Amarok caused quite the stir when it was released upon an unsuspecting public 8 years ago, not least as it was (and in fact remains) comfortably the largest European pickup truck on sale. Its massive size was paired with immense capability though, so it really isn't that surprising that the vast VW has founds homes across the UK, with many owners seeking to stamp their own personality onto their trucks – hence why Milltek Sport has just added it to their ever expanding range, one designed for the 3.0 V6 TDI variant.

Milltek's Amarok range is based around a classic cat-back configuration, an arrangement that effectively opens the door to a slew of exhaust options. The cat-back then leads to a 70mm centre connecting pipe, a rear connecting point, before running to a twin tip assembly (with an optional Black Velvet tip). The exhaust terminates with a twin 80mm special oval tail pipe design, one which oozes subtle aggression and is wholly in keeping with the Amarok itself.

It wouldn't be a Milltek Sport system without a nod to technological progress, and this is very much in evidence on its Amarok offering. The most obvious example of this can be seen in the optional Active Sound Control module, a system which gives the driver total control over the volume and tone emitted by their exhaust. The hardware which makes up the Active Sound Control module includes an Active Sound Universal Outlet pipe, Active Sound Generator with universal mounting bracket and an Active Sound Controller, loom and ECU.

The Milltek system's construction credentials are beyond reproach, but so too is its performance potential. Extensive dyno testing of Milltek's own demo car has shown notable power gains, not to mention hikes in torque throughout the rev range, and all achieved without in any way detracting from the Amarok's innate character. The system's note, a dramatic, aggressive burble, has been honed in such a way that it complement's the pickup's rough, tough, go-anywhere nature, making it well suited to commutes, B-road blasts and the school run.

Milltek hardware isn't just proven to enhance performance, it's all designed and manufactured in the UK, traits that help ensure the firm's reputation for excellence is maintained. Not only that, all the firm's exhausts are produced from high quality type-304 aircraft grade stainless steel, a material that's both anti-magnetic and less prone to discoloration than offerings from rivals. Mandrel bending ensures optimised gas flow characteristics across the whole of the range, while the company's impressive portfolio of feature and development cars (and the fact that they conduct so much development mileage) speaks volumes about both the quality of their products and the commitment of its employees.